Main Part of the Coating Machine

    Spray Gun Production Plant
    The plant has the production capacity of 30 thousand sets each year. And the spray guns it produces have passed the ISO9001: 2000 certifications.

    Quality detection

Circuit Board

    Circuit Board Fabrication
    We produce and sell the circuit boards of coating machines.

    Electrical performance test

Spare Parts

    Self-produced Components
    To cut on the costs and guarantee the quality, all of the components are produced in-house by experienced workers in COLO.

    Staff members in spare parts production line

Sheet Metal

    CNC Punching Machine
    The highly-automatic high-precision CNC punching machine is utilized to produce the metal shell, improving the working efficiency dramatically.

    Bending machine & shearing machine

    Components welding


    We adopt the wooden boxes and cushions to reduce the bump during delivery.

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