This electrostatic powder spray gun is lightweight and easy to operate. Its output voltage reaches 100KV.

Powder coating machine is equipped with LCD, which is easy to operate. It stores over 20 programs to satisfy different powder coating needs.

Electric curing oven is designed for drying and curing small-and-medium-sized workpieces.

The body of electrostatic paint spray gun weights 396 grams and has a safe design of high pressure.

Water wash spray booth is made of stainless steel, which is antiseptic and durable. Evaporative pads and fan blowers absorb mist into water, preventing pollution.

COLO-1212FTA dry sandblasting machine is suitable for sandblasting larger dies or heavy workpieces.

COLO-4211ZS-12A automatic sandblasting machine is suitable for sandblasting various workpieces and sands are recycling.

350AB vibratory polishing machine adopts the principle of spiral 3D space, which makes parts and abrasive tools polish each other to make sure the original size and shape will not be changed.

This intelligent powder coating equipment features a number of special functions.

The COLO-668 powder coating equipment takes advantage of advanced C-pulse technology. This means it can work on corners and recesses to provide a very efficient powder coating solution.

This manual powder coating machine with 3 setted programs for coating flat, complicated ,recoated parts.

The manual spray booth offers a quality solution for small batch production. It allows the spray cabinet and filter cartridge to move about easily.

Our spray booth, filter cartridge and oven are all lightweight and very mobile. You can replace the filter cartridge conveniently when changing the paint color.

The automatic reciprocator allows for easy adjustment of frequencies. It is specially designed for high-quality powder coating applications.

The powder feed center is developed for excellent powder flow and extremely uniform powder output results.

The small-sized automatic powder coating booth is installed with 16-tube cyclone recovery system, which enables the powder recovery efficiency to reach more than 96%.

The powder coating line which has been used on fences has been used by a customer in Russia. Our extensive knowledge in design, manufacturing and installation allows us to have your new equipment installed and operable as soon as possible.

The powder coating line for aluminum profiles has been in operation in Malaysia. With extensive knowledge in design, manufacturing and installation, our professional staff can assemble your equipment and optimize its working order in the shortest time possible.

COLO design, manufacture and install this compact powder coating plant in Indonesia.

COLO design, manufacture and install this compact powder coating plant in Saudi Arabia Vertical powder coating system provides high production capacity with the ability to economically powder coat aluminum profile in small runs with multiple powder color changes each shift.

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